fashion on wheels

Again, a college project in which the fashion design came from a certain type of car. You might think that as a woman, I wouldn't know too much about cars, but I do, in a way or another. I admit I don't know everything about them but I know what I like.
I had four types of cars to create an outfit from: the family car, the sport car, the luxury car and the classic car. The outfit had to be inspired by the colours, shapes and lines of the car, not by the fashion from year it was made in.

For the family car I chose one of the best, biggest and most elegant cars, Citroën. For it is big, spacious, fitting and it's named after one of my favourite painters, I'm talking about the Citroën C4 Picasso of course.

For the sports car I chose the Dodge because I like it's shape, and I also like the new models as much as I love the old ones. I could never think of something more "sportier" than the Dodge Viper, with those two lines, dynamic shapes... it's just a classic.

The luxury car was easy, the Rolls-Royce is the perfect example for elegance and class. Just the name of a Rolls-Royce Phantom takes me to a scene from a mafia movie, with it's black shade, mysterious and imposing forms, what's not to love?

Last but not least, the classic car was a really tough choice, I love those cars because they carry so much history. But the shapes, colours and style of a particular car caught my attention, the 1937 BMW Sport Cabriolet. In my opinion, it has such a feminine shape, curves, really elegant colours, in this model, and it's just a very inspiring 30's model.

watercolours, collage on black textured paper 29.7 x 42 cm

Here You have a few sketches I made inspired by the cars above and some others.

coloured crayons, pencil on paper 21 x 29.7 cm

Today was a cruel memorial day for Timişoara, my hometown, a lot of shootings and blood spilling, the freedom from Communism, 20 years ago. For the Revolution and in the memory of the people that made it and died for it, I dedicate a moment of silence... this video is for those that don't know how it felt:


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