After the redress project I created this outfit for me to emphasize my body figures. Now, I am a short I shape, but I can't correct my body with an O because that would make me look even shorter. So when choosing clothes I have to have two things in mind, make my silhouette look taller and my curves more feminine. In this outfit I was looking to emphasize the breast area, so I used pleats in that area to create more volume, pulled the fabric together at the middle to create that heart shaped top, that also creates more volume and a band just beneath the breasts to move my waist up and elongate my legs. Skinny or straight pants also elongate the body. If you have this type of figure, make sure not to make the top too long, if it goes over your hips, then wear a bigger belt or band around your waist or higher, under the breasts, to create that longer hourglass figure.

photographer: ina muntean
model: myself
design: myself (with Ica's help for sewing)
make-up and hair: myself

This song calms me, it takes me to this beautiful place, in an old house with large windows, wild gardens, summer rains, a cold fan, big bed and an interresting book to loose myself in.


  1. imi place mult cum ai explicat modul in care topul contureaza silueta. M-a captivat blogul tau si acuma iti admir creatiile (deja de mai bine de o ora cred).

    ah si btw <3 the fountain's OST e lovely


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