dushky in graffiti

It is not actually the graffiti technique, but I wrote my name , as a "stock" image, in that certain style. This project was about ten different techniques of sewing and decorating applied on the same image. The image I chose was my name written in this graffiti type of way, I don't remember why I decided to use my name, but most certainly it's not because I'm vain and I love myself too much. I remember I wanted to use the graffiti style and as most of graffiti artists choose to write their names on walls in different styles and colours, I guess why not.
Here are the images of the ten techniques I chose, under each set of images there is a description of the technique I used.

After this, I applied these onto some designs, and see how they would work in an outfit.

watercolours, markers and crayons on paper 21 x 29.7 cm


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